Booking Rooms

How do I book rooms at Antrim 1844?

You will assigned to a room reservation specialist who will gladly help you through the process. 

When should I think about booking rooms? 

You should start thinking about rooms as soon as you sign a wedding contract with Antrim 1844. 

Can other people book rooms on the night of my wedding? 

Yes, other wedding parties and corporate groups are allowed to make group reservations. We suggest booking rooms as soon as you book your wedding with us. 

Why should I make a room contract? 

It allows you to reserve a set number of rooms for your guests.

How many rooms do you have on the property? 


How many rooms do I need to reserve? 

As many (up to 40) or as little as you would like to book. Keep in mind that you must by house for the night of your wedding. 

Do I need to rent entire houses for the night of my wedding? 

We strongly feel that all of our guests, group of individual, have a much more enjoyable stay if they are in buildings with other guests who are staying for the same reasons. To this end, we place wedding guests in buildings with other wedding guests and leisure guests in buildings with other leisure guests. 

What time is check-in? 

3 PM 

Am I allowed to check-in earlier than 3 PM? 

We allow for you to assign 2 rooms for an early check-in. Early check-in is 12:30 PM. 

Are there any exceptions to the check-in rule? 


What time is check-out? 

11 AM 

Where do my guests check-in? 

The front desk is located inside the Mansion (first door on the left). 

Can more than 2 people stay in a guestroom? 

No, all of our guestrooms are double occupancy. 

Do you have any handicapped accessible rooms? 

Yes, we do, but very few. We suggest making your reservation for these rooms as soon as possible. 

What is the average price of a room? 

Our rooms range from $165 to $410. The average price is around $250. 

Do you offer a group discount? 


When can outside guests begin calling in to make reservations? 

Four months prior to your wedding date. 

Can my guests book wherever they like on the property? 

We will make every attempt to keep wedding guests separate from leisure guests. If a building is occupied by a leisure guest, no wedding guest will be allowed to reserve a room in that building. Once a wedding guest reserves room in a particular building, we will fill that entire building before opening another. The buildings that guests will be assigned to when there is no contract in place is up to the hotel's discretion. 

If I contract rooms and cannot fill them, can I them back? 

No. You will be responsible for paying for any room that is contracted and goes unfilled on the night of your wedding. 

What is your room cancellation policy? 

The deposit is non-refundable, but if you notify us ten days prior to your arrival date, you can transfer the deposit to another night's stay. If you cancel within ten days prior to your arrival date, the deposit becomes non-transferable. If you cancel within twenty-four hours from your arrival date, we reserve the right to charge the full night stay, if we are unable to book your room. 

How much are room deposits? 

$50 per night

If I have a signed room contract in place, when should my guests begin calling to place their deposits? 

Once you have finalized your room assignments and received confirmation from your reservation specialist that assignments have been entered into our system, begin notifying your guests to place deposits. 

Do all rooms have designated parking? 


Will staff help me move my luggage into my room? 

Yes, we would love to assist you! We will carry your luggage from your car into your room or suite.